Lemuel Massuia

Designer | +55 (11) 99331-8215 | Skype: lemuelmassuia | lemuel@lemuelstudio.com.br

About me

Who I am and what I do

Lemuel Massuia

As an illustrator and designer I focus on the development of experiences that create visual and emotional impact in my clients. Throughout 18 years as a visual arts professional I have worked with design and illustration for games, books, magazines, corporate identity, publicity campaigns, animations, displays, shop windows, websites and much more.


Things that I work on.

Concepts for visual identity, advertising campaigns and much more

Illustration and cartoons for books, training materials, advertising, games and whatever you can imagine

Design for product displays, show windows, kiosks and more

From small sites to web systems

A huge game experience

2D animation for movies and games.

Scenic design for plays


Some of my work



Illustration for the illustrated book “Downs” (author: Luiz de Jesus). A children book that talk about Down Syndrome and love.

Snail Tank

Master System Nostalgy

Frogs and Tanks

Truks – movie poster

Poster design for the brazilian documentary “Truks”  about a theater company Truks. More at: http://www.imaginacao.art.br/trukswp/

The Shot – movie poster

Poster design for the brazilian movie “O Tiro” (The Shot). More at: http://www.otiro.com.br

Letters of Hope – movie poster

Poster design for the brazilian movie “Cartas da Esperança” (Letters of hope) about Alzheimer disease. More at: http://imaginacao.art.br/carta/

Giant SNES and NES gamepads

Videogames are the ultimate form of art that collides many forms of art and science. As a fan of this form of art and seeking to create more experiences with it I’ve made giant replicas of gamepads of Nintendo and Super Nintendo entertainment systems that can be played by one or two people. Both are […]

Penguin case for glasses

Penquin style case for kid’s glasses. Molded foam and fabric.

Hanger Eyewear Display

Hanger concept display for Ana Hickmann Eyewear brand.

Speedo displays

Displays for Speedo eyewear brand. Two of them made in triplex paper and one made in acrylic using a lcd monitor to display promo videos.

Ah Watches Display

Modular display for Ana Hickmann Watches. Made of acryclic.

Logotype Zé do Hamburger

Logotype for a diner style restaurant.

Logotype Slowfit

Logotype for a health + wellbeing coaching business wich has “slow and efficient” as a moto.

Logotype Christian Carlstron

Logotype for an equine dentistry professional.

Poetry and guitar album cover

Design for musical cd album “Poesia e violão” (Poetry and guitar) of the brasilian musician Atilano Muradas.

Atitude Kids eyewear display

Display concept for Atitude Kids Eyewear brand. Easy to mount, 2 pieces, made in PVC.

Speedo Eyewear modular display

Modular display for Speedo Eyewear brand. Made of triplex paper and styrofoam structure.

Oculos Shop Email campaign layout

Layout for an email marketing campaign to Oculos Shop, a online store specialized in sunglasses.

Click Fashion Hotsite

Hotsite for promotional campaign Click Fashion – Ana Hickmann Eyewear.

Website Eletrica Salem

Website for electrical supplies and services company.

Amazing Show Windows Promo Hotsite

Hotsite for a promotional campaign titled “Vitrines Espetaculares” (Amazing Show Windows).

New hamburger promo

Concept and final art for a new hamburger flavor.

Atitude Point campaign

Concept and final art for Atitude Point Eyewear advertising campaign.

Children’s day campaign

Concept and final art for a children’s day campaign of an eyewear brand in Brazil.

Father’s day campaign concept

Concept and final art for a father’s day campaign of an eyewear brand in Brazil.

Eyewear Gifts

Gifts for using on promotional campaigns for an eyewear brand.

Atitude Point Store

Project for Atitude Point Eyewear Store in Brazil.

Show windows and projection

Design for a show window using projector directly on the glass.

Frame Led Display

Display created for Ana Hickmann Eyewear brand. Made of triplex paper, structured with styrofoam. Added some Led Light to improve the effect in show windows.

Atitude Kids

Characters created for Atitude Kids eyewear brand.


Bird character created for a bookstore.


Armadillo character created for a agri-business machine company.

Wodden boat

Made for a theatrical play, this boat is entirely made of styrofoam painted with acrylics. Size is about 2m x 3m x 5m  and it cand be divided in three parts for transport and storage.

Old jewish house

Made for a religious play this house is made of plywood and styrofoam painted with acrylics.


Cross designed for religious play. Made with wood and metal structure and sculpted styrofoam plainted with acrylics. Designed to be strong enough to support a person and light enough to be carried by one actor. More photos at: http://www.ibapi.org.br/musical-vivo-esta/  

Gabriel Tech

Gabriel Tech was a hero character designed for Gabriel Tech project (https://www.facebook.com/gabrieltec). In the script Gabriel is a disabled child that receives help of an old scientist to become a super hero and fulfill his dreams.

Gabriel Tech – Double Shot

Wallpaper for Gabriel Tech project (https://www.facebook.com/gabrieltec).

Alan Silva

Alan Silva Wallpaper design. Alan is a hero character designed for Gabriel Tech project (https://www.facebook.com/gabrieltec). Alongside other kids Alan Silva is a young student in Hero Academy and was born with Phytosinesys powers (hability to control plants).